Oklahoma Parks On The Air (OKPOTA)

Put August 20th, 2022, on your calendar for the Oklahoma Parks On The Air (OKPOTA) day. The POTA concept has taken the country by storm, and hams of all types are getting interested in the program. While every day can be a POTA day, we’re going to try to get Oklahoma on the map by activating as many parks as we can on a single day, and by getting as many POTA Hunters on the bands as possible.

So, if you want to stay home and be a ‘hunter’ of POTA activations, get your home station antennas and radios tuned up and plan to make some great contacts throughout the day. Check for POTA activations on the pota.app website.

If you want to go mobile and activate a park, start working on your portable radio/antenna combinations, sign up to activate your favorite park, and make plans to ‘hit the road.’ Create a POTA account and schedule your activation at the pota.app website.

Park activations typically happen during daylight hours, so plan accordingly. More details will be available here as they develop and the current information will be available at ok.arrl.org/okpota/.

See you ‘on the air.’

If you need help with radios, antennas, connections, operation rules, creating a POTA account, or anything else, find an Elmer, work with your club, or send me a note to n5hzr@arrl.org.