Volunteers On The Air (VOTA) – Indiana

2023 is being celebrated by ARRL as “The Year of the Volunteer.” The first adventure has been announced as a project called “Volunteers On The Air (VOTA).” ARRL members get ‘points’ for each contact they make with another ARRL volunteer or member. So, if two ARRL members contact each other, they will each receive a point for that QSO. No special codes are required, no sequence numbers need to be exchanged, and no section information needs to be passed. Make contact with a fellow ARRL member, and you each receive a point. Both of you must upload the QSO to the Logbook of The World (LoTW) to receive the points. Your points are calculated when the QSO is matched. This could be an FT8, CW, simplex 2M FM, RTTY, or an SSB rag-chew contact.

To add more interest to the year-long operating event and help demonstrate the ARRL volunteer value, each level of volunteer activity has been assigned a point level which is shown in the table below. For example, if you contact Mark Steven Williams K9GX, the Indiana Section Manager, you’ll get 175 points for that one contact.

I’m hoping you will be able to get some certificates, or wallpaper, for your efforts. More details on this as they are fleshed out.

So, get your HF gear running, make sure your LoTW connection is working, and see you on the air!

VOTA Program Rules

These rules will be extended or revised, so please return here to check for updates. This operating event starts January 1, 2023, at 0000Z and ends December 31, 2023, at 2359Z. This event is for ARRL members. You can join or renew online at https://arrl.org/join/. All QSOs must be uploaded to the ARRL QSO matching system, Logbook of The World (LoTW). No repeater contacts are allowed. Contacts can not be made on the 12 M, 17 M, 30 M, 60 M, 630 M, or 2190 M bands. All other bands can be used. Contacts can be made on any legal mode of operation. You receive ‘points’ based on the volunteer level of the ARRL member you contact. Points range from 1 point for an ARRL member to 300 points for ARRL President Rick Roderick K5UR. The point levels are listed below. Each QSO will get only one point value. For example, someone who is a member, a life member, and an Assistant Section Manager will be worth the value of the highest role, 35 points, for the ASM role. Stations can contact each other once per band per operating mode: CW, Digital, Voice. So, each operator pair can count up to 3 QSOs on each band, one per mode.

Logbook of The World (LoTW)

The reporting for this VOTA effort will be handled automatically by the ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTD) QSO matching system. If you already log your QSOs from your favorite logging software and it uploads them to LoTW, you will automatically be participating. Your QSOs will be verified normally, and the callsigns of the hams you work will be searched to find the appropriate points (table shown below) that you receive for each QSO.

Setting up Logbook Of The World

If you aren’t set up to use LoTW, now is the time to set it up. The LoTW quick-start page is a great place to start, and the “What is LoTW Document” explains the whole process. You must authenticate yourself with the system by receiving a postcard mailed to your FCC-registered address. The TSQL program is used by your logging program, N3FJPN1MMDX Lab Suite, or something else to authenticate and upload to LoTW.

If you need help setting up your LoTW account, watch some YouTube videos, or contact your Elmer, or a local club.

W1AW/9 Portable Operations

As a part of the Year of the Volunteer celebration, the mystical callsign W1AW will be used portably to the corners of ARRL-land. Members in each state/territory will be asked to operate their stations for two different weeks using the callsign W1AW/x where x is one of the local regions: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, KL, KH0, KH2, KH6, KH7, KH8, KP2, KP3, or KP4. For example, Indiana’s first week starts February 1, 2023, at 0000z and will run through February 7, 2023, at 2359z, using the callsign W1AW/9. Each state coordinator will approve the time/band/mode slots throughout the week, and hams can operate their stations using W1AW/9. You can schedule your Indiana operating time by clicking this link at https://ok.arrl.org/w1awin/.

Traveling W1AW rules include:

  • Remember that each operator must follow the rules for their license class. Stay in the sub-bands that you’re legally allowed to operate in.
  • Operators can operate from anywhere in the state/territory.
  • Members that contact the portable W1AW stations will receive 5 points for those QSOs.
  • Each band/mode combination can be activated simultaneously. For example, N5OP could be working on 20 M SSB, N5OK could be working on 20 M CW, N5AZQ could be working on 20 M FT8, and N5HZR could be on 40 M SSB, all at the same time.
  • State operations start at 0000z each Wednesday.
  • State operations stop at 2359z the following Tuesday.
  • Operations should not happen on the 12 M, 17 M, 30 M, 60 M, or 2190 M bands.
  • All operation log files for the week must be consolidated into one ADIF file and sent to the state coordinator, to be uploaded to LoTW.

Volunteers Point Value Table

Note: These appointments are for current appointees unless otherwise noted. Eg: Assistant Director (AD) is only for the current Assistant Directors. Past office-holders and appointees are only eligible if the title listed includes the word “Past,” such as “Past Section Manager (PSM).”

Abbreviation Full Position/Title Name Point value
PRES ARRL President 300
PE President Emeritus 275
PP Past President 275
HVP Honorary Vice President 250
VP ARRL Vice President 250
DE Director Emeritus 225
DIR Director 225
PVP Past Vice President 225
VD Vice Director 200
SM Section Manager 175
OFF Staff Officer, Treasurer, Counsel 150
PD Past Director 150
PV Past Vice Director 125
ARRL W1AW ARRL HQ Station 100
CLM ARRL Charter Life Member 100
PSM Past Section Manager 100
DM ARRL HQ Department Manager 75
HQ ARRL HQ Staff Member/Volunteer 50
MAX Maxim Society Member 50
AC CAC/DXAC/ECAC Advisory Members 40
AD Assistant Director 40
ARDF Direction Finding Coordinator 35
ASM Assistant Section Manager 35
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee 35
LOTW Logbook of the World Committee 35
PRC Public Relations Committee 35
RF RF Safety Committee 35
YC Youth Committee 35
ACC Affiliated Club Coordinator 30
DEC District Emergency Coordinator 30
NCJ NCJ Editor 30
PIC Public Information Coordinator 30
QST QST Columnist 30
SEC Section Emergency Coordinator 30
SGL State Government Liaison 30
STM Section Traffic Manager 30
SYC Section Youth Coordinator 30
TC Technical Coordinator 30
DC Diamond Club Member 25
LAB W1INF Lab Museum Operations 25
LC W1HQ HQ Operations 25
CM Contest Managers/Log Checkers 20
QSM Incoming QSL Bureau Manager 20
VC Volunteer Counsel 15
VCE Volunteer Consulting Engineer 15
ADC Area Digital Coordinators 12
ADEC Assistant District Emergency Coordinator 12
ANM Area Net Manager 12
ASEC Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator 12
ASTM Assistant Section Traffic Manager 12
BM Bulletin Manager 12
EC Emergency Coordinator 12
LGL Local Government Liaison 12
OBS Official Bulletin Station 12
OES Official Emergency Station 12
ORS Official Relay Station 12
PIO Public Information Officer 12
RNM Region Net Manager 12
TCC Transcontinental Corps Directors 12
TS Technical Specialist 12
TA Technical Advisor 10
NM Net Manager 7
AM Awards Manager 5
CC Card Checker 5
INST Registered Instructor 5
State Abbrev W1AW/x around the USA (work each state twice) 5
VE Volunteer Examiner 5
QSL Incoming QSL Bureau Sorters 3
LM ARRL Life Member 2
AFF ARRL Affiliated Club Call Sign 1
MEM ARRL Member 1

Indiana Volunteers

Code First Name Last Name Call
EC Rick Velasquez AB9HP
ORS Mark Gregory AB9ZA
TS John Swez AC9AZ
DEC James Bottorff AC9EB
EC James Bottorff AC9EB
TS Wayne Michael AC9HP
EC Sutton Doty AD0TY
SM Robert Burns AK9R
TS Ronald Lile K0RL
NM Michael Brungardt K0TQ
TS Edward Valasek K3HTK
EC Jeff Davis K4BXX
PIO John Butler K4PSE
ORS Mark Swygman K9ATP
OES Thomas Cosby K9ATS
OES Raymond Andrews K9DUR
ORS Raymond Andrews K9DUR
DEC David Ofsansky K9DWO
EC David Ofsansky K9DWO
PIO David Ofsansky K9DWO
EC Edward Scott K9EJS
OES Jeffrey Ferrell K9HCA
NM Jeffrey Jones K9JAJ
TS Mark Skowronski K9MQ
EC Paul Nielander K9PBN
PIO Gerald Quigley K9PDE
EC Jason Chandler K9PVC
PIO Ruth Dilts K9RLD
PIO John Walker K9SVL
PIO Brian McIntosh K9TI
ORS John Brane KA9FCU
PIO Michael Vogler KA9GDW
OES Donald Evilsizor KA9QWC
ORS Donald Evilsizor KA9QWC
LGL Kathleene Falls KB8ZZZ
TS Brian Murrey KB9BVN
EC James LaBoyteaux KB9ML
EC J Temple KB9OIC
TS Jeffrey De Lucenay KB9QG
EC George Edenfield KB9RZK
DEC James Moehring KB9WWM
EC James Moehring KB9WWM
SEC James Moehring KB9WWM
EC Merritt Metz KC8OBH
PIO Chris Owen KC9CLO
EC Andrew Ragusa KC9EVU
EC Mark Tritch KC9GUY
OES Raymond W Dalgliesh KC9IHZ
ACC Jimmy Merry KC9RPX
EC Jimmy Merry KC9RPX
OES Jimmy Merry KC9RPX
PIO Jimmy Merry KC9RPX
DEC Marvin Gilliland KC9RVL
EC Marvin Gilliland KC9RVL
OES Mark Thienes KC9TYA
EC Michael Wamsley KC9UWR
EC Michael Wamsley KC9UWR
PIC Barry Palencer KC9WMS
PIO Barry Palencer KC9WMS
PIO John Emerson KC9YHE
DEC David Purcell KC9ZAR
EC David Purcell KC9ZAR
EC David Purcell KC9ZAR
EC Ronald Reynolds KC9ZNY
EC Anthony Hedge KD9BKH
EC Don Somerville KD9DHJ
DEC Brian Sexton KD9EDR
EC Brian Sexton KD9EDR
EC Frank Meade KD9FRT
EC Zachary Minnick KD9HIG
EC Jacob Wiese KD9LWR
PIO John Maag KD9QDL
PIO Russell Bonanno KD9SMG
PIO Joseph March KJ9M
EC Robert Sambolin KP4CI
TS Chris Frederick KQ9Y
ORS Hobart Poyser KR9G
EC Rick Williams KT9B
EC Daniel Mc Donald KV9N
NM Lyle Long N1LL
OES Lyle Long N1LL
ORS Lyle Long N1LL
TS Louis Kruizinga N7BBW
TS Larry Macklin N8CGP
EC Brent Walls N9BA
EC Chuck Dilts N9CAD
EC Noel Taylor N9CJT
EC Clark Whitehouse N9CWW
EC David Epley N9CZV
EC P Brown N9GTL
EC Jeffrey Nelson N9IBQ
EC Paul Hornberger N9JFH
EC Justin Johnson N9JIN
EC Brian Elliott N9JPX
DEC Alan Scott N9KL
EC Ronald Julius N9LRO
TS Charles Sponaugle N9LYY
PIO Roger McEntarfer N9QCL
TS Roger McEntarfer N9QCL
TS Peter Ostapchuk N9SFX
EC Robert LaGrange N9SIU
OES Jerry Fray N9TU
ORS Jerry Fray N9TU
ASEC Anthony Stokes N9UN
DEC Anthony Stokes N9UN
OES Anthony Stokes N9UN
ORS Daniel Ward N9WLW
NM Dan Dahms N9WNH
LGL Thomas Melville N9YTB
TS Thomas Melville N9YTB
OES D Vernon Austermiller NA9L
ORS D Vernon Austermiller NA9L
TS Bill Atkinson NF9K
TS Dan Caesar NI9Y
EC David Anderson NM9R
EC James Baker W1TOD
ASM Brian Jenks W9BGJ
NM Brian Jenks W9BGJ
ORS Brian Jenks W9BGJ
STM Brian Jenks W9BGJ
TS Brian Jenks W9BGJ
EC Charles Procarione W9COD
EC David Copp W9DAC
EC Scott Nelson W9DBA
EC Peter Crasher W9DRB
ADEC Paul Adams W9EEU
EC Paul Adams W9EEU
ORS Paul Adams W9EEU
EC Frederick Sherman W9GNR
OES Norman Dingle W9IFW
PIO Donald Porter W9JUN
OES Jay Farlow W9LW
PIO Jay Farlow W9LW
EC Michael Tanksley W9MDT
NM Melanie Dahms W9NNH
ORS Mark Phillips W9PC
EC Matthew Bechdol W9SOX
EC Adrian Daniels WA9DAN
TS Mike Voyles WA9FGT
TC Thomas Busch WB8WOR
TS Thomas Busch WB8WOR
TS Ronald Cooper WB9DKL
EC David Menges WB9TEN
PIO David Menges WB9TEN
ORS Lloyd Deem WH6CDU
TS Alan Schwab WO9G
EC Stephen Jewell WR9G