Volunteers On The Air (VOTA) – Tennessee

ARRL is celebrating 2023 as “The Year of the Volunteer.” The first adventure has been announced as a project called “Volunteers On The Air (VOTA).” ARRL members get ‘points’ for each contact with another ARRL volunteer or member. So, if two ARRL members contact each other, they will each receive a point for that QSO. No special codes are required, no sequence numbers need to be exchanged, and no section information needs to be passed. Contact a fellow ARRL member, and you each receive a point. You must upload the QSO to the Logbook of The World (LoTW) to receive the points. Your points are calculated when the QSO is matched. This could be an FT8, CW, simplex 2M FM, RTTY, or an SSB rag-chew contact.

To add more interest to the year-long operating event and help demonstrate the ARRL volunteer value, each level of volunteer activity has been assigned a point level, shown in the table below. For example, if you contact the Tennessee Section Manager, you’ll get 175 points for that one contact.

I hope you can get some certificates, or wallpaper, for your efforts—more details on this as they are fleshed out.

So, get your HF gear running, make sure your LoTW connection is working, and see you on the air!

VOTA Program Rules

These rules will be extended or revised, so please return here to check for updates. This operating event starts September 13, 2023, at 0000Z and ends September 19, 2023, at 2359Z. This event is for ARRL members. You can join or renew online at https://arrl.org/join/. All QSOs must be uploaded to the ARRL QSO matching system, Logbook of The World (LoTW). No repeater contacts are allowed. Contacts can not be made on the 12 M, 17 M, 30 M, 60 M, 630 M, or 2190 M bands. All other bands can be used. Contacts can be made on any legal mode of operation. You receive ‘points’ based on the volunteer level of the ARRL member you contact. Points range from 1 point for an ARRL member to 300 points for ARRL President Rick Roderick K5UR. The point levels are listed below. Each QSO will get only one point value. For example, a member, a life member, and an Assistant Section Manager will be worth the value of the highest role, 35 points, for the ASM role. Stations can contact each other once per band per operating mode: CW, Digital, Voice. So, each operator pair can count up to 3 QSOs on each band, one per mode.

Logbook of The World (LoTW)

The ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTD) QSO matching system will automatically handle this VOTA effort’s reporting. If you already log your QSOs from your favorite logging software and it uploads them to LoTW, you will automatically be participating. Your QSOs will be verified normally, and the callsigns of the hams you work will be searched to find the appropriate points (table below) you receive for each QSO.

Setting up Logbook Of The World

If you aren’t set up to use LoTW, now is the time to set it up. The LoTW quick-start page is a great place to start, and the “What is LoTW Document” explains the whole process. You must authenticate with the system by receiving a postcard mailed to your FCC-registered address. The TSQL program is used by your logging program, N3FJPN1MMDX Lab Suite, or something else to authenticate and upload to LoTW.

If you need help setting up your LoTW account, watch some YouTube videos, or contact your Elmer or a local club.

W1AW/4 Portable Operations

As a part of the Year of the Volunteer celebration, the mystical callsign W1AW will be used portably to the corners of ARRL-land. Members in each state/territory will be asked to operate their stations for two different weeks using the callsign W1AW/x where x is one of the local regions: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, KL, KH0, KH2, KH6, KH7, KH8, KP2, KP3, or KP4. Each state coordinator will approve the time/band/mode slots throughout the week, and hams can operate their stations using W1AW/4. You can schedule your Tennessee operating time by clicking this link at https://ok.arrl.org/w1awtn/.

Traveling W1AW rules include:

  • Remember that each operator must follow the rules for their license class. Stay in the sub-bands that you’re legally allowed to operate in.
  • Operators can operate from anywhere in the state/territory.
  • Members that contact the portable W1AW stations will receive 5 points for those QSOs.
  • Each band/mode combination can be activated simultaneously. For example, N5OP could be working on 20 M SSB, N5OK could be working on 20 M CW, N5AZQ could be working on 20 M FT8, and N5HZR could be on 40 M SSB, all at the same time.
  • State operations start at 0000z each Wednesday.
  • State operations stop at 2359z the following Tuesday.
  • Operations should not happen on the 12 M, 17 M, 30 M, 60 M, or 2190 M bands.
  • All operation log files for the week must be consolidated into one ADIF file and sent to the state coordinator to be uploaded to LoTW.

Volunteers Point Value Table

Note: These appointments are for current appointees unless otherwise noted. Eg: Assistant Director (AD) is only for the current Assistant Directors. Past office-holders and appointees are only eligible if the title listed includes the word “Past,” such as “Past Section Manager (PSM).”

Abbreviation Full Position/Title Name Point value
PRES ARRL President 300
PE President Emeritus 275
PP Past President 275
HVP Honorary Vice President 250
VP ARRL Vice President 250
DE Director Emeritus 225
DIR Director 225
PVP Past Vice President 225
VD Vice Director 200
SM Section Manager 175
OFF Staff Officer, Treasurer, Counsel 150
PD Past Director 150
PV Past Vice Director 125
ARRL W1AW ARRL HQ Station 100
CLM ARRL Charter Life Member 100
PSM Past Section Manager 100
DM ARRL HQ Department Manager 75
HQ ARRL HQ Staff Member/Volunteer 50
MAX Maxim Society Member 50
AC CAC/DXAC/ECAC Advisory Members 40
AD Assistant Director 40
ARDF Direction Finding Coordinator 35
ASM Assistant Section Manager 35
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee 35
LOTW Logbook of the World Committee 35
PRC Public Relations Committee 35
RF RF Safety Committee 35
YC Youth Committee 35
ACC Affiliated Club Coordinator 30
DEC District Emergency Coordinator 30
NCJ NCJ Editor 30
PIC Public Information Coordinator 30
QST QST Columnist 30
SEC Section Emergency Coordinator 30
SGL State Government Liaison 30
STM Section Traffic Manager 30
SYC Section Youth Coordinator 30
TC Technical Coordinator 30
DC Diamond Club Member 25
LAB W1INF Lab Museum Operations 25
LC W1HQ HQ Operations 25
CM Contest Managers/Log Checkers 20
QSM Incoming QSL Bureau Manager 20
VC Volunteer Counsel 15
VCE Volunteer Consulting Engineer 15
ADC Area Digital Coordinators 12
ADEC Assistant District Emergency Coordinator 12
ANM Area Net Manager 12
ASEC Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator 12
ASTM Assistant Section Traffic Manager 12
BM Bulletin Manager 12
EC Emergency Coordinator 12
LGL Local Government Liaison 12
OBS Official Bulletin Station 12
OES Official Emergency Station 12
ORS Official Relay Station 12
PIO Public Information Officer 12
RNM Region Net Manager 12
TCC Transcontinental Corps Directors 12
TS Technical Specialist 12
TA Technical Advisor 10
NM Net Manager 7
AM Awards Manager 5
CC Card Checker 5
INST Registered Instructor 5
State Abbrev W1AW/x around the USA (work each state twice) 5
VE Volunteer Examiner 5
QSL Incoming QSL Bureau Sorters 3
LM ARRL Life Member 2
AFF ARRL Affiliated Club Call Sign 1
MEM ARRL Member 1

Tennessee Volunteers

Code First Name Last Name Call
EC David Alexander KA4ESF
PIO Stephan Anderman K2SMA
DEC Jack Babbitt K0BW
EC Madison Barnett KF4AKV
EC William Bee W4WRB
EC Charles Bennetch N4LNU
TS Timothy Berry WB4GBI
EC Michael Boyea KE4KMG
EC Ed Bradley W4VGI
EC Thomas Bridgewater NA8X
ACC Thomas Bridgewater NA8X
TS Jeremy Briggs K8KB
EC Barry Brown K4BLB
ADEC Barry Brown K4BLB
OES Ronnie Buck K4RNB
EC James Callahan N4PNV
TS David Campbell K8BYP
EC Austin Cates K5QF
NM Jane Clark KE4OYY
NM John Cochran KB4LX
EC Kenneth Compton KO4LMK
EC Darrell Cook WA4LNX
EC William Crowden W4ETA
ADEC William Curtis W4WFC
ASM Jay Daniel KG4DCI
ASEC Jay Daniel KG4DCI
EC Ken Danter KJ4TVS
ASM Dale Darling W9WBA
EC Harrell Davidson WD4LAR
STM Harrell Davidson WD4LAR
ASM Samuel Davidson KK4RGU
ASEC Samuel Davidson KK4RGU
EC Matthew Deal KG4DPA
EC Lora Deiter KM4GFT
TS Thomas Delker K1KY
EC Louis Dreinhoefer WB3JKQ
EC Gary English W5WYQ
PIO Richard Ervin K4CPM
ADEC Victor Esquilla W3UO
EC John Ethridge K4IYN
DEC John Ethridge K4IYN
EC John Etling K3JAE
EC John Farnham KI4FZT
ASEC John Farnham KI4FZT
EC Alfred Felker KO4VTC
TS Michael Foley K4MJF
EC Jesse Forkum N0JLF
EC Kyle Fortenberry AE4DF
EC John Freitag WW4JF
PIO Kenneth Gaines KC4YYF
EC Colby Gilliam KE4FVU
OES Michael Glennon KB4JHU
TS Michael Glennon KB4JHU
OES James Goodrich WA4VGZ
ORS James Goodrich WA4VGZ
OES Paul Grayce K3LLH
DEC Bill Green KF4TY
PIO Lenard Grice W4MKS
EC Danny Griffith KN4LIU
EC Michael Hamby KI4UJY
DEC Michael Hamby KI4UJY
EC Lynne Hamrick WB4HDM
ADEC Larry Hance KI4OTR
OES Larry Hance KI4OTR
EC Larry Hance KI4OTR
OES William Hancock WA4MJM
EC Jeffery Hauskin N4NYA
EC Daniel Headlee KK4GGK
OES Loyd Headrick WX4LH
EC Willard Hendrickson KJ4NHQ
EC James Hooper K9QJS
EC Taylor Hooper KO4HYT
EC William Hughes KI4BIY
OES Scott Irwin W8UFO
EC Ted Jackson W4TVJ
OES Preston Jernigan KN4CCQ
EC Preston Jernigan KN4CCQ
EC Kenneth Johnson W3GFM
ORS Peter Jordahl K5GM
TS Lyle Juroff K9FIK
EC Donald Kellett KF4SJU
DEC Donald Kellett KF4SJU
ASEC Donald Kellett KF4SJU
OES William Kirkland W9XH
EC David Kirksey K4SEY
SGL Ingrid Klose KD4F
ADEC Dale Knight AB4DK
PIC Dale Knight AB4DK
LGL Hank Koebler N3ORX
EC Charles Kohlmeyer WB4CDK
TS Stan Kozlowitz AA5XO
EC Mj Lee K6KA
ADEC Jerry Lewis KG4HDZ
EC Stephen Lowe KN4IHQ
EC Kelly Loyd KI4JAV
EC Richard Mayberry K4SNL
DEC Richard Mayberry K4SNL
EC Matthew Mcaulliffe KF4YTL
EC Britt McClain KB4IBW
PIO Sky McCracken KO4DKI
TS William McKeehan KI4HDU
EC Donald Measels WD4CM
EC Dale Miller KC2CBD
EC Steven Morrell KT4RSQ
EC Stanley Muciek WS4JM
ASM Matthew Nicholas KG4LIO
TS Bert Noll W4KW
EC James Norman N4CFB
DEC George Odom K4ETN
DEC James Orleff W0FAA
EC Michael Owen KI4ZLH
ORS William Owen
EC Allen Perkins N1ATS
ACC Dudley Pitts KM4IYQ
EC Michael Poindexter KK4ZYY
DEC Michael Poindexter KK4ZYY
EC Charles Priest KN4OOH
EC William Raper KW1LL
EC Mark Rednour KI4EGR
EC William Reed W4WRR
EC John Reiners KN4BVH
DEC John Reiners KN4BVH
ASTM Bobby Richardson W4NWT
OES Donald Robinson WA4YYM
EC Rick Robinson W4AKT
ASEC William Rouse KM4Z
EC Barry Sandefer W4WYD
EC Michael Satterfield WX4HYD
EC Jeff Schwartz KC1DWP
TS Clifford Segar KD4GT
EC Richard Shaner AB0YS
EC Matthew Shumate KI4WZL
EC Carl Siddon KE4IDH
EC Daniel Sigmund W4WWF
LGL James Sipprell W4OBY
SEC James Snyder AJ4NO
ASEC Jeff Standifer WB5WAJ
PIO Andrew Stevens WX4AMS
EC Derek Stevenson KB9WPE
EC George Stone WD4CYV
EC Daniel Strong W4LSX
ADEC Robert Sturgill K4HPY
ASM Charles Talley KJ4KVC
PIO Thomas Tate WA4CGF
EC Thomas Taylor KN4EWT
SM David Thomas KM4NYI
BM Greg Tomerlin K4KO
TS Marvin Turner W0MET
EC David Van Horn KM4BJZ
ASM Thomas Vickers N4TV
ASM John Visage KN4EOV
ADEC Michael Wagner KK6OKU
OES James Walker W4RRE
EC Marshall Walker KN4NOK
EC Ralph Walker W4SNK
ORS Steve Waterman K4CJX
ADEC David Webb W4DWW
EC Rodney Webb W4WRE
EC James Weber KK4HSZ
DEC Steve Weber KA4ELN
EC David Weikert KF4DKW
EC Christopher White KK4LTK
TS Bob Wilson KK4XA
ASEC David Wolfe WA4VVX
ORS Thomas Wolfe K4CMY
OBS Thomas Wolfe K4CMY
EC Marvin Woods N4AZ
OES Derek Wooley KD5UBL
OES Edward Yarwood AE2EY
ADEC Edward Yarwood AE2EY
NM George Yates N4BBB
EC Michael Yeargin W4MDY