Volunteers On The Air (VOTA) – Texas

2023 is being celebrated by ARRL as “The Year of the Volunteer.” The first adventure has been announced as a project called “Volunteers On The Air (VOTA).” ARRL members get ‘points’ for each contact they make with another ARRL volunteer or member. So, if two ARRL members contact each other, they will each receive a point for that QSO. No special codes are required, no sequence numbers need to be exchanged, and no section information needs to be passed. Make contact with a fellow ARRL member, and you each receive a point. Both of you must upload the QSO to the Logbook of The World (LoTW) to receive the points. Your points are calculated when the QSO is matched. This could be an FT8, CW, simplex 2M FM, RTTY, or an SSB rag-chew contact.

To add more interest to the year-long operating event and help demonstrate the ARRL volunteer value, each level of volunteer activity has been assigned a point level which is shown in the table below. For example, if you contact Steve Smith KG5VK, the North Texas Section Manager, you’ll get 175 points for that one contact.

I’m hoping you will be able to get some certificates, or wallpaper, for your efforts. More details on this as they are fleshed out.

So, get your HF gear running, make sure your LoTW connection is working, and see you on the air!

VOTA Program Rules

These rules will be extended or revised, so please return here to check for updates. This operating event starts January 1, 2023, at 0000Z and ends December 31, 2023, at 2359Z. This event is for ARRL members. You can join or renew online at https://arrl.org/join/. All QSOs must be uploaded to the ARRL QSO matching system, Logbook of The World (LoTW). No repeater contacts are allowed. Contacts can not be made on the 12 M, 17 M, 30 M, 60 M, 630 M, or 2190 M bands. All other bands can be used. Contacts can be made on any legal mode of operation. You receive ‘points’ based on the volunteer level of the ARRL member you contact. Points range from 1 point for an ARRL member to 300 points for ARRL President Rick Roderick K5UR. The point levels are listed below. Each QSO will get only one point value. For example, someone who is a member, a life member, and an Assistant Section Manager will be worth the value of the highest role, 35 points, for the ASM role. Stations can contact each other once per band per operating mode: CW, Digital, Voice. So, each operator pair can count up to 3 QSOs on each band, one per mode.

Logbook of The World (LoTW)

The reporting for this VOTA effort will be handled automatically by the ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTD) QSO matching system. If you already log your QSOs from your favorite logging software and it uploads them to LoTW, you will automatically be participating. Your QSOs will be verified normally, and the callsigns of the hams you work will be searched to find the appropriate points (table shown below) that you receive for each QSO.

Setting up Logbook Of The World

If you aren’t set up to use LoTW, now is the time to set it up. The LoTW quick-start page is a great place to start, and the “What is LoTW Document” explains the whole process. You must authenticate yourself with the system by receiving a postcard mailed to your FCC-registered address. The TSQL program is used by your logging program, N3FJP, N1MM, DX Lab Suite, or something else to authenticate and upload to LoTW.

If you need help setting up your LoTW account, watch some YouTube videos, or contact your Elmer, or a local club. If that fails, email me at kg5vk@arrl.org, and I’ll find someone to help you.

W1AW/5 Portable Operations

As a part of the Year of the Volunteer celebration, the mystical callsign W1AW will be used portably to the corners of ARRL-land. Members in each state/territory will be asked to operate their stations for two different weeks using the callsign W1AW/x where x is one of the local regions: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, KL, KH0, KH2, KH6, KH7, KH8, KP2, KP3, or KP4. For example, Texas’s first week starts February 1, 2023, at 0000z and will run through February 7, 2023, at 2359z, using the callsign W1AW/5. Each state coordinator will approve the time/band/mode slots throughout the week, and hams can operate their stations using W1AW/x. You can schedule your Texas operating time by clicking this link at https://ok.arrl.org/w1awtx/.

Traveling W1AW rules include:

  • Remember that each operator must follow the rules for their license class. Stay in the sub-bands that you’re legally allowed to operate in.
  • Operators can operate from anywhere in the state/territory.
  • Members that contact the portable W1AW stations will receive 5 points for those QSOs.
  • Each band/mode combination can be activated simultaneously. For example, N5OP could be working on 20 M SSB, N5OK could be working on 20 M CW, N5AZQ could be working on 20 M FT8, and N5HZR could be on 40 M SSB, all at the same time.
  • State operations start at 0000z each Wednesday.
  • State operations stop at 2359z the following Tuesday.
  • Operations should not happen on the 12 M, 17 M, 30 M, 60 M, or 2190 M bands.
  • All operation log files for the week must be consolidated into one ADIF file and sent to the state coordinator, to be uploaded to LoTW.

Volunteers Point Value Table

Note: These appointments are for current appointees unless otherwise noted. Eg: Assistant Director (AD) is only for the current Assistant Directors. Past office-holders and appointees are only eligible if the title listed includes the word “Past,” such as “Past Section Manager (PSM).”

Abbreviation Full Position/Title Name Point value
PRES ARRL President 300
PE President Emeritus 275
PP Past President 275
HVP Honorary Vice President 250
VP ARRL Vice President 250
DE Director Emeritus 225
DIR Director 225
PVP Past Vice President 225
VD Vice Director 200
SM Section Manager 175
OFF Staff Officer, Treasurer, Counsel 150
PD Past Director 150
PV Past Vice Director 125
ARRL W1AW ARRL HQ Station 100
CLM ARRL Charter Life Member 100
PSM Past Section Manager 100
DM ARRL HQ Department Manager 75
HQ ARRL HQ Staff Member/Volunteer 50
MAX Maxim Society Member 50
AC CAC/DXAC/ECAC Advisory Members 40
AD Assistant Director 40
ARDF Direction Finding Coordinator 35
ASM Assistant Section Manager 35
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee 35
LOTW Logbook of the World Committee 35
PRC Public Relations Committee 35
RF RF Safety Committee 35
YC Youth Committee 35
ACC Affiliated Club Coordinator 30
DEC District Emergency Coordinator 30
NCJ NCJ Editor 30
PIC Public Information Coordinator 30
QST QST Columnist 30
SEC Section Emergency Coordinator 30
SGL State Government Liaison 30
STM Section Traffic Manager 30
SYC Section Youth Coordinator 30
TC Technical Coordinator 30
DC Diamond Club Member 25
LAB W1INF Lab Museum Operations 25
LC W1HQ HQ Operations 25
CM Contest Managers/Log Checkers 20
QSM Incoming QSL Bureau Manager 20
VC Volunteer Counsel 15
VCE Volunteer Consulting Engineer 15
ADC Area Digital Coordinators 12
ADEC Assistant District Emergency Coordinator 12
ANM Area Net Manager 12
ASEC Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator 12
ASTM Assistant Section Traffic Manager 12
BM Bulletin Manager 12
EC Emergency Coordinator 12
LGL Local Government Liaison 12
OBS Official Bulletin Station 12
OES Official Emergency Station 12
ORS Official Relay Station 12
PIO Public Information Officer 12
RNM Region Net Manager 12
TCC Transcontinental Corps Directors 12
TS Technical Specialist 12
TA Technical Advisor 10
NM Net Manager 7
AM Awards Manager 5
CC Card Checker 5
INST Registered Instructor 5
State Abbrev W1AW/x around the USA (work each state twice) 5
VE Volunteer Examiner 5
QSL Incoming QSL Bureau Sorters 3
LM ARRL Life Member 2
AFF ARRL Affiliated Club Call Sign 1
MEM ARRL Member 1

W1AW/ Schedule

W1AW/# Activation Date – operations begin 0000z Wednesday, and end on 2359z Tuesday (7 days total for each activation) State Host Callsign Host Name Host Email and Phone
1/11/2023 Nebraska      
1/18/2023 Utah      
1/18/2023 Kansas      
1/18/2023 Delaware      
1/25/2023 Oklahoma W1AW/5 Mark Kleine N5HZR 405-410-6756 n5hzr@arrl.org
1/25/2023 New York      
2/1/2023 Texas W1AW/5 Steve Smith KG5VK kg5vk@arrl.org
2/1/2023 South Dakota      
2/8/2023 Hawaii      
2/8/2023 Georgia      
2/15/2023 Wisconsin      
2/15/2023 California      
2/22/2023 Michigan      
2/22/2023 Florida      
3/1/2023 No activations ARRL DX Phone March 4-5  
3/1/2023 No activations ARRL DX Phone March 4-5  
3/8/2023 Kentucky      
3/8/2023 Idaho      
3/15/2023 Ohio      
3/15/2023 Arizona      
3/22/2023 Tennessee      
3/22/2023 New Mexico      
3/29/2023 Washington W1AW/7 Mitch Mason, K7RL mitch.K7RL@GMAIL.COM
3/29/2023 Vermont      
3/29/2023 Iowa      
4/5/2023 Pennsylvania      
4/5/2023 Oregon      
4/12/2023 Virginia      
4/12/2023 Massachusetts      
4/19/2023 North Dakota W1AW/0 W0ND Lynn Nelson
4/19/2023 Mississippi      
4/26/2023 New Jersey      
4/26/2023 New Hampshire      
5/3/2023 Nevada      
5/3/2023 Nebraska      
5/10/2023 Montana      
5/10/2023 Minnesota K0MHC and WA6ZMT Don Kelly, K0MHC and Jim Froemke, WA6ZMT arrl_mn_acc@donkelly.biz; jim.k0mhc@gmail.com
5/10/2023 Connecticut      
5/17/2023 No activations Hamvention May 19-21  
5/17/2023 No activations Hamvention May 19-21  
5/24/2023 New York      
5/24/2023 Colorado      
5/31/2023 Wyoming      
5/31/2023 Missouri      
6/7/2023 Louisiana      
6/7/2023 Alabama      
6/14/2023 Arkansas W5ZN Joel Harrison, Team Zilla w5zn@w5zn.com
6/14/2023 Alaska      
6/21/2023 No activations Field Day June 24-25  
6/21/2023 No activations Field Day June 24-25  
6/28/2023 Maryland      
6/28/2023 Illinois      
7/5/2023 No activations IARU HF Contest July 8-9 W1AW/KH6 will be on-the-air 1 day only July 8-9; Exchange RST & Zone
7/5/2023 No activations IARU HF Contest July 8-9 See http://www.arrl.org/iaru-hf-world-championship for IARU-HF info
7/12/2023 Wisconsin      
7/12/2023 Utah      
7/19/2023 South Dakota      
7/19/2023 South Carolina      
7/26/2023 Rhode Island      
7/26/2023 Indiana      
8/2/2023 Minnesota K0MHC and WA6ZMT Don Kelly, K0MHC and Jim Froemke, WA6ZMT arrl_mn_acc@donkelly.biz; jim.k0mhc@gmail.com
8/2/2023 Kentucky      
8/9/2023 New Jersey      
8/16/2023 Vermont      
8/16/2023 Oklahoma W1AW/5 Mark Kleine N5HZR 405-410-6756 n5hzr@arrl.org
8/23/2023 North Dakota W1AW/0 W0ND Lynn Nelson
8/23/2023 Idaho      
8/30/2023 Ohio      
8/30/2023 Arizona      
9/6/2023 Oregon      
9/6/2023 Maine      
9/13/2023 Tennessee      
9/13/2023 Colorado      
9/20/2023 Texas      
9/20/2023 Pennsylvania      
9/20/2023 New Hampshire      
9/27/2023 North Carolina      
9/27/2023 Connecticut      
10/4/2023 New Mexico      
10/4/2023 Alaska      
10/11/2023 Missouri      
10/11/2023 Georgia      
10/11/2023 California      
10/18/2023 Virginia      
10/18/2023 Alabama      
10/25/2023 Nevada      
10/25/2023 Michigan      
10/25/2023 Arkansas W5ZN Joel Harrison, Team Zilla w5zn@w5zn.com
11/1/2023 West Virginia      
11/1/2023 Massachusetts      
11/1/2023 Iowa      
11/8/2023 Wyoming      
11/8/2023 Maryland      
11/8/2023 Kansas      
11/15/2023 Washington W1AW/7 Mark Tharp, KB7HDX kb7hdx@arrl.net
11/15/2023 Mississippi      
11/22/2023 No activations Thanksgiving Week  
11/22/2023 No activations Thanksgiving Week  
11/29/2023 Rhode Island      
11/29/2023 Florida      
11/29/2023 Delaware      
12/6/2023 Louisiana      
12/6/2023 Illinois      
12/6/2023 Hawaii      
12/13/2023 Montana      
12/13/2023 Maine      
12/13/2023 Indiana      
12/20/2023 No activations Christmas Week  
12/20/2023 No activations Christmas Week  

Texas Volunteers

Code First Name Last Name Call
ORS Jack Weaver AA5VZ
OBS David Scott AA7FW
EC Francis Fenlason AC0GF
ASM Bill Caldwell AC5BC
PIO Robert Rasa AC5FD
OES Mark Mireles AD5CA
ORS Mark Mireles AD5CA
PIC Michael Manshack AD5OG
PIO Michael Manshack AD5OG
ORS William Cahill AD8BC
ASM Rankin Curtis AE5P
EC Nick Toparcean AE5VV
PIO Nick Toparcean AE5VV
PIO Justin Williamson AF0AM
EC John Hearne AF5EK
EC Jeff Powell AF5KU
DEC Victor Gunnoe AF5OS
OBS Gilbert Watson AF5QK
ORS Gilbert Watson AF5QK
TS William Saunders AL7PB
EC Luke Bugler K0LTB
TS Jim Froemke K0MHC
EC Tom Hauer K0YA
TS James Richard K1UQI
ASM Mark Pritchard K4GVN
ORS William Dawson K5AXW
EC Thomas Hargrave K5BV
EC Clifford Colvin K5CV
EC David McGilbery K5DDM
TS Joe Fisher K5EJL
OES Richard Herndon K5FNI
ORS Peter Jordahl K5GM
PIO Richard Goldy K5GOL
TS Gene Preston K5GP
ASEC Greg Evans K5GTX
ASM Greg Evans K5GTX
SEC Greg Evans K5GTX
OBS Harvey Vordenbaum K5HV
ADEC Jerome Doerrie K5IS
EC Jeffrey Jones K5JSJ
ORS Benson Owens K5KV
OES Stuart Rohre K5KVH
TC Peter Naumburg K5LB
OES Lothar Harris K5LEH
DEC Terry Jones K5LGV
EC Terry Jones K5LGV
EC Kenneth Russell K5LQN
ORS Marcial Sorrel K5MDS
TS Michael Durbin K5MJD
PIO David Castillo K5NUN
EC Wayne Johnson K5OB
ORS Wayne Johnson K5OB
PIO Robert Mc Whorter K5PFE
ADEC David Woolweaver K5RAV
ORS Kenneth Goodwin K5RG
DEC Richard Chapman K5RIK
EC Richard Nielsen K5RN
DEC Sherwin Klemp K5SEK
ADEC Thomas Gillis K5TBN
PIO Thomas Gillis K5TBN
ORS Timothy Staley K5TGS
ORS Michael Check K5UCQ
EC Trent Pergrem K5VES
EC Thomas Roach K5WYG
ASEC Noreen O’Connell K5XPO
ASEC Joseph Martin K5YFO
ASEC Joseph Martin K5YFO
ASM Joseph Martin K5YFO
TS Susan Moody K5YNC
NM Steven Phillips K6JT
ORS Steven Phillips K6JT
ORS Aaron Hulett K8AMH
STM Aaron Hulett K8AMH
EC Robert Schuller K8REX
ASM Jo Ann Keith KA5AZK
ASTM Jo Ann Keith KA5AZK
DEC Jo Ann Keith KA5AZK
PIO Edward Rosser KA5COA
PIO Edward Rosser KA5COA
PIO Michael Urich KA5CVH
DEC Mike Wisby KA5HIA
EC William Geer KA5OZC
TS Wayne Wright KA5QDG
DEC James Jud KA5QKL
EC William Hammon KA5SOT
EC Stephen Schwarz KA5WJY
EC Larry Duncan KA5WLR
EC Eric Schmidt KA5WMY
OBS Monica Cross KA5WVI
ASTM Bill Novak KA9IKK
NM Bill Novak KA9IKK
ASM Kelly Briarton KB2RN
EC Allen Beadel KB5AB
PIO James Heil KB5AWM
EC Joseph Connell KB5DTS
PIO Joseph Connell KB5DTS
DEC Lewis Maxwell KB5HPT
EC Lewis Maxwell KB5HPT
EC Richard Bailey KB5JBV
EC Benny Walker KB5JXO
ASM Dale Finley KB5NFT
ASM Tammy Harden KB5NLP
NM David Fanelli KB5PGY
EC Harold Bates KB5SXV
EC Anthony Wadley KB5TWG
OES Benjamin Secor KB5VSY
EC Leslie Bush KB5YBI
EC Danial Beard KB7JZI
EC Marc Virkus KC0TRE
EC Ronald Abraham KC5IMJ
EC Edward Hynan KC5KNI
EC William Conway KC5KWX
EC John Chapman KC5MIB
EC Scott deMasi KC5NKW
EC Carl Irish KC5PGV
EC Carl Irish KC5PGV
EC Craighton Fenter KC5PGZ
OES Gerald Mohr KC5PWQ
EC Scott Brown KC5RXW
DEC Brian Cater KC5YSM
EC King Walker KC7LOX
EC James Mc Cune KD0YUT
ASM Ken Mitchell KD2KW
EC William Taylor KD4LXC
EC Marida Favia Del Core Borromeo KD5BJ
PIO Gregory Knippa KD5HLV
OES Harold Merritt KD5HW
ASM John Hamilton KD5INM
TC John Hamilton KD5INM
TS John Hamilton KD5INM
EC James Sitton KD5JBT
DEC James Fowler KD5KBU
EC James Smith KD5OXM
EC James Davenport KD5PAD
ORS Jason Patterson KD5RQB
SYC Christopher Williamson KD5SYI
EC Anthony Guthrie KD5TKN
ORS Patricia Allison KD5TXD
EC John Sawyer KD5U
ASEC Richard Driscoll KD5URB
EC Steve Darrah KD5YPB
TS Robert Polinski KD5YVQ
OES Edward Cox KE3D
STM Ron Bosch KE4DRF
EC Brian Miller KE5AWU
EC Mike Parker KE5CJ
ASEC Jeffery Walter KE5FGA
DEC Jeffery Walter KE5FGA
OES Jeffery Walter KE5FGA
SEC Jeffery Walter KE5FGA
DEC John Taylor KE5HAM
PIO Glen Rekeweg KE5IMZ
DEC Ruth Lewis KE5MHJ
PIO Michael Eggenberger KE5NAL
EC John Pearce KE5NYB
TS Steven Gomez KE5O
EC Rick Vasquez KE5PRZ
ORS David Gillette KE5PYF
PIO Shane Banks KE5TVB
EC Mike Haigood KE5YF
EC Joe Moore KE5YPH
ORS Roger Elkinton KE5YTA
EC David Jackson KE5ZHF
EC Thomas Pennington KE5ZKF
ASEC Paul Gilbert KE5ZW
EC Mike And Wilmore KF4WSO
EC Jerry Wetherholt KF5AOK
OES Jerry Wetherholt KF5AOK
EC Wade Graves KF5AUD
EC Rebecca Snow KF5CBB
ASM Theodore Iglehart KF5END
PIO Shirley Shirey KF5FVE
ORS John Hazelton KF5IOU
ORS Justin Lentz KF5IVJ
DEC Rene Lopez KF5KYL
EC Michael Porter KF5LDJ
SM Stuart Wolfe KF5NIX
ORS Ronald Ford KF5OMH
PIC Michael Boydston KF5THB
EC Michael Roche KF5ZQB
EC Harley Schwartz KG5AYD
EC Jason Tharp KG5CBD
ASM Johnnie Young KG5CQO
EC Peter Collins KG5DHS
EC Danny Richard KG5ESG
EC Dominick Adamo KG5JRA
ORS Clemens Kathman KG5NNA
SYC Nicholas Iglehart KG5NZX
EC Jonathan Palmer KG5OBV
EC Robert Hoffman KG5QQE
EC Joshua Sigmon KG5ROR
OBS Dale Martin KG5U
OES Jon Hartford KG5VET
SM Steven Smith KG5VK
ORS David Ricker KG5VSR
TS Cody Bailey KI5CB
EC Gary Drescher KI5FU
ORS Melissa Tanner KI5GRH
EC Wendal Elam KI5HSY
PIO David Nowak KI5JI
EC Thomas Learn KI5OMW
EC Carter Bennett KI5SR
ACC Juan Garcia KI5WMN
OES Darrell Glueck KK5LG
EC Scott Hammond KK5PP
EC Charles Glynn KM5MK
EC Henry Hunter KN3RD
TS Keith Ballow KN5G
EC Frank Knox KS5F
ASM Katherine Forson KT5KMF
SYC Katherine Forson KT5KMF
EC Craig Green KV5E
EC Steven Oglesby KX5FUZ
PIO Jonathan Estill KX8B
OES Harvey Henning N0AJP
SGL Perry Schrag N0PAS
ACC Ken Hansen N2VIP
ASM Ken Hansen N2VIP
EC Johnny Jordan N5AIU
EC Charles Fletcher N5BOY
TS David Kaun N5DBK
ASM Tommy Gober N5DUX
PIO Frederick Mann N5IVZ
DEC Harry Davoust N5KCH
EC Harry Davoust N5KCH
EC Don LeRouax N5LER
EC James Lear N5LNR
EC Edward Ringgold N5LVQ
ORS Mark Taylor N5MDT
EC John Cain N5MGC
EC Rocky Wilson N5MTX
PIO Ravi Ratnala N5OL
OES James Robbins N5OUJ
EC Ken Skinner N5OW
DEC Whitney Owens N5QNS
EC Whitney Owens N5QNS
PIO Ralph Bowen N5RZ
EC Van Sims N5RZQ
EC Ronald Hambric N5SBN
EC Charles Wells N5SER
EC Howard Benham N5SMS
ASM Frank Aguilar N5SSH
ASEC John Galvin N5TIM
OES John Galvin N5TIM
EC Jeff Smith N5TMC
EC Walter Sepaniac N5TQ
EC James Liberacki N5TQI
EC Kirk Mahaney N5WKM
EC Greg Lewis N5XO
ASM Carl Jeans N5YXN
OES Sidney Sherwood N5ZKD
EC Gerald Richmond N5ZXJ
DEC John Newman N9JN
ASTM Don Duckett N9MN
NM Don Duckett N9MN
OES Don Duckett N9MN
ORS Don Duckett N9MN
ORS Don Duckett N9MN
TS Don Duckett N9MN
OES Sharon Heivilin NA5H
EC James Lawrence NA5RC
OES Richard Reeder NC5V
EC A Brannon NC5Z
OES Ben Worrell NE5B
EC Jeremy Martin NK5C
OES Shane O’Neal NS5D
EC Carl Collins NT5CC
EC David Dodge NV5C
EC Terry Hipskind W0HIP
OES Colten Watkins W2CEW
PIO Steven Pituch W2MY
OES Anthony Campbell W5ADC
EC Jeffery Beck W5AGM
EC Michael McCue W5ATN
EC Joe Bruno W5AUQ
EC Robert Jones W5BJ
OES Robert Jones W5BJ
ORS Joe Hallford W5BQZ
EC John Keith W5BWC
EC David Chenault W5CWT
EC Jim Hanks W5CYN
DEC David Taylor W5DGT
EC Donald Kirchner W5DK
ADEC Dan White W5DNT
EC Dan White W5DNT
EC Rodney Baker W5DY
EC Charles Chilton W5EEF
ASEC Edward McGinley W5ETM
OES Edward McGinley W5ETM
ASM Michael Reitz W5EVT
DEC Ernest Reich W5FQA
OBS Richard Norton W5FRO
OES Charles Ogilvie W5GKH
ADEC Charles Byars W5GPO
EC James Bomer W5IM
OES James Bomer W5IM
ORS James Bomer W5IM
EC Jimmie Baker W5JCB
ASM J David Overton W5JDO
EC J David Overton W5JDO
SEC J David Overton W5JDO
EC Stephen Boorman W5JSB
EC Kelly Collins W5KJC
EC Kerwin Lloyd W5KKL
ORS Anthony Morones W5LIC
ASEC Lloyd Duck W5LND
EC Lloyd Duck W5LND
PIO John Painter W5LQS
EC Mark Esslinger W5MAE
DEC Gerry Dalton W5MAY
EC Gerry Dalton W5MAY
EC Mark Taylor W5MCT
ASM Billy Roberts W5NPR
EC John Rymal W5RYM
EC Alfred Fronefield W5VCF
SM Harlon Durham W5WI
OES Roger Wines W5WIA
TS Raymond Johnson W7RKJ
OES Bradley Pioveson W9FX
EC Roger Stierman WA0VYU
OES Alfred Wasielewski WA2VJL
PIO Alfred Wasielewski WA2VJL
OES Mark Beamer WA5AA
ORS Mark Beamer WA5AA
OES Jay Whitehurst WA5AC
OES Bruce Smith WA5DVO
TS Steve Cerwin WA5FRF
ORS George Martin WA5FSR
EC Royce Senn WA5KMH
OES David Waldridge WA5MMY
EC William Price WA5NBP
EC Bob Ward WA5ROE
OES Allen Guy WA5RVT
OES Alan Cross WA5UZB
OES Gilbert Gibbs WA5YKK
TS Roy Walker WA5YZD
EC Jeffrey Angus WA6FWI
TS Mortel McKenzie WB2GEU
EC Warner Johnson WB4J
OES Warner Johnson WB4J
EC Jeffrey Montgomery WB4WXD
TS Richard Elder WB5ACN
EC Timothy Pillsbury WB5BUL
EC Ben Parker WB5HSL
OES Carolyn Teer WB5KOA
PIO Jimmy Earl WB5MET
EC Thomas Downing WB5TAD
ADEC Dick Rogers WB5TUG
TS Gary Skaggs WB5ULK
EC Curtis Tallman WB5UZZ
EC David Andrews WB5VIH
DEC John Roberts WC9J
EC John Roberts WC9J
OES Donald Lamont WD5AAH
ORS Donald Lamont WD5AAH
DEC Michael Miles WD5EFY
ASEC Frederick Varian WD5ERD
DEC Frederick Varian WD5ERD
EC Frederick Varian WD5ERD
OES Kenneth Jansen WD5JJS
EC Donald Wolford WD5ON
TS Lance Rumfield WD5X
ASEC Russell Plocheck WE5TXS
STM Russell Plocheck WE5TXS
EC Christian Paul WI5Y
OES William Newman WL9N
ORS Sheree Horton WM5N
PIO Kenneth Harker WM5R
PIO Russell Richter WP2AHG
OES Cecil Harper WR5Y
EC B Dan Hooper WT5DH
PIC Ron Harden WT5X