SM026 – Winlink Hamword Game

Hamword is a Winlink-based game that mimics the popular five-letter word guessing game, Wordle. I built this game to give hams a way to practice their Winlink skills while having some fun guessing an unknown five-letter word. All of these rules, and the leaderboard, are at You may have already seen this on the front page of

The only thing you need to play the game is an amateur radio license and an active Winlink account. You can learn more about setting up Winlink at If you are up and running on Winlink, give it whirl. If not, this is a great time to set it up.

So far we’ve had almost 100 hams from 28 different ARRL sections plus seven countries play the game. We’ve processed nearly 1,000 Winlink email messages and have had some great feedback from across the country.

How to Play

Once you have Winlink up and running, send a five-letter word via Winlink to the tactical call sign HAMWORD. The subject line can be anything you wish, and the message body should contain just your guess. Your messages will be graded and returned via a Winlink message at 00, 15, 30, and 45 minutes past the hour.

Response Key

Since Winlink doesn’t allow text colors, you will receive a five-number “key” to guide you in your next choice. The numbers 0, 1, and 2 are returned using the following definitions:

  • 0 means that the letter above the key is not seen in the word that you are guessing. (Similar to gray.)
  • 1 means that the letter above the key is used in the word you are guessing, but it is in the wrong location. (Similar to yellow.)
  • 2 means that the letter above the key is used in the word you are guessing, and it is in the correct location. (Similar to green.)

Weekly Reset

The guessed word will reset weekly at 00:00Z on Monday (Sunday evening in the United States) in this game. So, make your guesses throughout the week and make sure you solve the puzzle before the word resets. You have six chances to solve the puzzle each week.

Good luck, have fun, and let me know how Hamword works for you.


Amateur radio clubs are the backbone of the hobby. The tremendous local hams have good information, and as Elmers or mentors they love to share it. Send something that your club is doing well to me, and I’ll feature your club in this newsletter, and on the ARRL club newsletter. Most clubs are seeing an increase in new member activity recently. Our Oklahoma Affiliated Club Coordinator, Jim Shideler W5JCS, can help you find a club or help your club become affiliated. We currently have 41 clubs listed at Look for a club near you, or verify that your club is on the list. Send Jim an email at if you need club assistance.

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SM025 – Seminole Communications Need

Seminole Communications Need

A message from the ARRL Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator, Mark Conklin N7XYO…

2000L 6 MAY 2022    DO NOT SELF DEPLOY

ATTENTION ALL ARES-OK members are on Stand-by –   ARES-OK Districts 11, 5 & 6 should prepare to muster teams if requested, a LIMITED deployment is expected.

The OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT has requested communications support from the ARRL/Amateur Radio Emergency Services.

ARES-OK Leaders (ReginalEC, DistrictEC & CountyEC) are asked to contact their ARES-OK team(s) of volunteers to ensure that they have received this info and are ready to help.


Provide voice communications between chainsaw and debris removal teams and their base of operations.

Seminole State College (Incident Command – IC)

Located at 2701 Boren Boulevard, Seminole, OK 74868

Voice communications can be via simplex or any available repeater (with permission of repeater owner(s)).

The initial team will need to set up base operations at 

Seminole State College – IC

Provide 1 Mobile Operator to shadow each of the up to SIX chainsaw and debris removal teams.

DURATION: at the direction of ARES-OK Leadership and the OKDEM – Starting Saturday 7 May 2022 then most likely through Tuesday/Wednesday or 10-11 May 2020.


0730 Local to Darkness (at the direction of OKDEM POC)

NOTE: IC base should be covered by 2-person teams per location in shifts, mobile position should be rotated to allow for breaks.

All volunteers must sign in and out with IC.

Log all traffic on ICS-309 form.

Use ICS-213 for all formal messages.


ARES Deployment Vest (Don’t have one?  (Borrow one from a friend – well work on getting a loaner vest or two.)  Wear your ARES-OK vest at all times.

Suitable clothing and work boots for being in a disaster area.

HT RADIO, EXTRA BATTERIES (Radio manual is a good idea).

MOBILE RADIO for Vehicle operations.

Day one bag – always a good idea. Some snacks & water.  ARC/Salvation will provide meals.

Photo ID

ARES ID – don’t have one – don’t panic – make sure you are registered online @

A copy of your Amateur Radio License

All volunteers willing to help please contact:

Tom Webb WA9AFM/5 

Please specify the days and times you are available to help.

Thank you for your service,

Mark Conklin, N7XYO

Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator

Amateur Radio Emergency Service


Follow me on Twitter @N7XYO

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