Technician Class Online

The FCC offers three different types of amateur radio licenses, technician, general, and amateur extra. The technician license is the entry-level license and limits the activities of the license holder. The General license is only a bit more work than the technician test. It expands each of the topics just a little bit. However, this license allows you to do darn near everything in amateur radio. You should really work toward the general license right after you get your Technician license. It is well worth the effort. The amateur extra is for those that want to work the rare DX stations.

Online Practice Tests

Use these sites to gauge your knowledge and learn the question pool. When you start getting 82% or higher on these tests, you should be ready to take your license test. Online practices are available at any of these sites: 

Session 1 – Mark Kleine N5HZR

Link to Slides: – PowerPoint
Link to Slides: – PDF
Test Subelement T1: FCC Rules, Descriptions, and Definitions
ARRL Book: Chapter 1 – Welcome to Amateur Radio
ARRL Book: Chapter 7 – Licensing Regulations
ARRL Training Module: 1

Session 2 – Phil Sinnett KD5UGO /
Ron LaSpisa K5RJL

Link to SlidesPowerPoint
Link to Slides: PDF
Test Subelement T5a: Electrical Principles: Math For Electronics; Electronic Principles
Test Subelement T8a: Modulation Modes: AM, FM, PM, CW
ARRL Book: Chapter 2 – Radio and Signals Fundamentals
ARRL Training Module: 2, 5a
Bandplan Download: ARRL Bandplan 8 1/2″ x 11″
Bandplan Download: ARRL Bandplan 11″ x 17″

Session 3 – Kenn Goodson KA5KXW

Link to Slides: PowerPoint
Link to Slides: PDF
Test Subelement T5b: Ohm’s Law
Test Subelement T6: Electrical Components: Circuits Diagrams; Component Functions
ARRL Book: Chapter 3 – Electricity, Components, and Circuits
ARRL Training Module: 3a,3b,3c,3d
Online Circuit Simulation: HTTP://

Session 4 – Ken Sanborn AG5PQ

Link to Slides: PowerPoint
Link to Slides: PDF
Test Subelement T3: Radio Wave Characteristics: Properties of Radio Waves; Propagation Modes
Test Subelement T7: Station Equipment: Common Transmitter and Receiver Problems; Antenna Measurements; Troubleshooting; Basic Repair And Testing
Test Subelement T9: Antennas and Feed Lines
ARRL Book: Chapter 4 – Propagation, Antennas, and Feed Lines
ARRL Training Module: 4a, 4b
Wiki Dipole Antenna Link: Wikipedia link
Propagation Summary: PDF Link
Antennas and Feedlines: PDF Link

Session 5 – Bill Lockett AE5F

Link to Slides: PowerPoint
Link to Slides: PDF
Test Subelement T4: Amateur Radio Practices and Station Set-Up
ARRL Book: Chapter 5 – Amateur Radio Equipment
ARRL Training Module: 5b, 5c

Week 6 – Lea Greenleaf W5HLG

Link to Slides: PowerPoint
Link to Slides: PDF
Test: Subelement T2: Operating Procedures
ARRL Book: Chapter 6 – Communicating With Other Hams
ARRL Training Module: 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
Link to SCARS Repeater Etiquette

Week 7 – Gayland Kitch WX5MOR

Link to Slides: PowerPoint
Link to Slides: PDF
Test Subelement T0: Electrical Safety: AC and DC Power Circuits; Antenna Installation; RF Hazards
ARRL Book: Chapter 8 – Operating Regulations
ARRL Book: Chapter 9 – Safety
ARRL Training Module: 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

License Tests

Tests can be found in Oklahoma on our testing page at or across the country at this link. The license is free.

Books / Study Guides

Many books or study guides can be used to help you study for the Technician test. Most of them are organized in the same way, but we have linked the class sessions above to this book. It is available on here.