National Traffic System (NTS) OK Local Nets

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NTS Local Nets in Oklahoma

One of the ways that traffic handlers can receive or deliver NTS messages is over a local traffic net. There are over 75 active local phone (voice) nets in Oklahoma. The current list of these nets is available on the web at NTSOK District Traffic Handlers can use these nets to send or receive messages in their local areas. They can pass the traffic to an amateur radio operator that will make the final delivery in person, or by email, or telephone. Or, they may be able to deliver the message directly to an amateur that may receive a message.

These nets can also be used to generate messages that will enter the National Traffic System. Traffic Generators may check into a net to create a message that will be sent by NTS. Each local net should have at least one amateur radio operator that is capable of accepting a radiogram and sending it to the NTS.

Tulsa Superlink Traffic Net

The Tulsa Superlink Traffic Net is dedicated to sending and receiving NTS messages using the 18 linked repeaters to the 50,000 square mile territory that the Tulsa National Weather Service manages. This net meets each Thursday on the Tulsa Superlink linked repeaters at 7:00 pm local time. The net control operators take check-ins for the net, send and receive messages, and train operators on how to send and deliver radiograms. Messages handled on this net come from liaisons to the NTS Phone nets, or from the NTSOK Winlink system.

Mark Vassoll KG5SSV ( ) manages this net and has posted the details regarding its activities at

More information about the Tulsa Wide Area Linked system is available on the web at