National Traffic System OK (NTSOK) Radiogram

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The NTSOK system routes traffic using the same radiogram format that has been in use since the start of the NTS. These radiograms allow the user to make sure the messages are transmitted exactly as the sender intended. The paper radiogram is shown here, and it correlates to the Winlink RRI Radiogram.txt template. This format allows the traffic handler to transcribe a paper radiogram to a Winlink template, or vice versa. Paper copies of the radiogram can be printed from the ARRL PDF file located at Preprinted radiograms in pads of 50 are available from the ARRL shop at

ARRL Numbered Radiograms (ARL Codes)

Since it is very critical to deliver each message exactly as the sender generated it, a number of shorthand codes have been created. These are to be used in the body of the message and the words are written out, as shown below, and NOT turned into a number. For example, to wish someone a “Happy Birthday”, the message would be sent as ARL FORTY SIX.

Some ARL messages require some additional information. For example, to send the message that you arrived safely at home, the message would be sent as ARL SIXTY FOUR HOME. The following is the list of standard ARRL numbered radiograms or commonly called ARL Codes:

ONEEveryone safe here. Please don’t worry.
TWOComing home as soon as possible.
THREEAm in ____ hospital. Receiving excellent care and recovering fine.
FOUROnly slight property damage here. Do not be concerned about disaster reports.
FIVEAm moving to new location. Send no further mail. Will inform you of new address when relocated.
SIXWill contact you ASAP.
SEVENPlease reply by Amateur Radio through the amateur delivering this message. This is a free service.
EIGHTNeed additional _____ mobile or portable equipment for immediate emergency use.
NINEAdditional _____ radio operators needed to assist with emergency at this location.
TENPlease contact ______. Advise to standby and provide further emergency information, instructions or assistance.
ELEVENEstablish Amateur Radio emergency communications with ______ on _____ MHz.
TWELVEAnxious to hear from you. No word in some time. Please contact me as soon as possible.
THIRTEENMedical emergency situation exists here.
FOURTEENSituation here becoming critical. Losses and damage from ____ increasing.
FIFTEENPlease advise your condition and what help is needed.
SIXTEENProperty damage very severe in this area.
SEVENTEENREACT communications services also available. Establish REACT communication with ______ on channel _____.
EIGHTEENPlease contact me as soon as possible at _______.
NINETEENRequest health and welfare report on ______(name, address, phone).
TWENTYTemporarily stranded. Will need some assistance. Please contact me at _____.
TWENTY ONESearch and Rescue assistance is needed by local authorities here. Advise availability.
TWENTY TWONeed accurate information on the extent and type of conditions now existing at your location. Please furnish this information and reply without delay.
TWENTY THREEReport at once the accessibility and best way to reach your location.
TWENTY FOUREvacuation of residents from this area urgently needed. Advise plans for help.
TWENTY FIVEFurnish as soon as possible the weather conditions at your location.
TWENTY SIXHelp and care for evacuation of sick and injured from this location needed at once.
FORTY SIXGreetings on your birthday and best wishes for many more to come.
FORTY SEVENReference your message number _____ to _____ delivered on _____ at _____ UTC.
FIFTYGreetings by Amateur Radio.
FIFTY ONEGreetings by Amateur Radio. This message is sent as a free public service by ham radio operators at _____. Am having a wonderful time.
FIFTY TWOReally enjoyed being with you. Looking forward to getting together again.
FIFTY THREEReceived your _____. It’s appreciated; many thanks.
FIFTY FOURMany thanks for your good wishes.
FIFTY FIVEGood news is always welcome. Very delighted to hear about yours.
FIFTY SIXCongratulations on your _____, a most worthy and deserved achievement.
FIFTY SEVENWish we could be together.
FIFTY EIGHTHave a wonderful time. Let us know when you return.
FIFTY NINECongratulations on the new arrival. Hope mother and child are well.
SIXTYWishing you the best of everything on _____. (usually a holiday)
SIXTY ONEWishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
SIXTY TWOGreetings and best wishes to you for a pleasant _____ holiday season.
SIXTY THREEVictory or defeat, our best wishes are with you. Hope you win.
SIXTY FOURArrived safely at _____.
SIXTY FIVEArriving _____ on _____. Please arrange to meet me there.
SIXTY SIXDX QSLs are on hand for you at the _____ QSL Bureau. Send _____ self addressed envelopes.
SIXTY SEVENYour message number _____ undeliverable because of _____. Please advise.
SIXTY EIGHTSorry to hear you are ill. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
SIXTY NINEWelcome to the _____. We are glad to have you with us and hope you will enjoy the fun and fellowship of the organization.