General Classes

The FCC offers three different types of amateur radio licenses, technician, general, and amateur extra. The technician license is the entry-level license and limits the activities of the license holder. The General license is only a bit more work than the technician test. It expands each of the topics just a little bit. However, this license allows you to do darn near everything in amateur radio. You should really work toward the general license right after you get your Technician license. It is well worth the effort. The amateur extra is for those that want to work the rare DX stations.

Testing For the License

Tests can be found in Oklahoma on our testing page at or across the country at this link. The license is free.

Online Practice Tests

Use these sites to gauge your knowledge and learn the question pool. When you start getting 82% or higher on these tests, you should be ready to take your license test. Online practices are available at any of these sites: 

The book listed at the bottom of this page is about $30 each.

We suggest these two online video series to gain the information for the exam. Both of these are good presentations, so just pick the one that you can best relate to.

David Casler KE5OG

David Casler has done a great job on a set of videos to help you learn the information for the FCC General license test. Watch these videos and you’ll be ready for your general license test.

Each link takes you to YouTube. After you’ve viewed the video and perhaps read the comments (or left one yourself), return to this page. Be sure to keep track of where you are! The videos are numbered the same way the sections are numbered in the license manual. Good luck! All videos have been updated for the 9th (2019-2023) Edition

Amateur Logic TV

George Thomas W5JDX and Tommy Martin N5ZNO have a great set of videos that walk through all of the questions on the general exam. Episode 1 starts with the Technician class, General starts on episode 30, and number 61 is the start of the amateur extra questions.