SM040 – Tulsa/Rogers SET 2023 Comm Plan

By Paul Teel WB9ANX Tulsa Emergency Coordinator and Jeff Scoville AE5ME

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Tulsa and Rogers County volunteers.  We are less than one week away from the annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on October 7th.  Operations will begin at 0900L time.

The two documents that you will need, the ICS-205 communications plan (pages 1 and 2), are available at The planned participation is growing in Oklahoma, and we encourage you to join in. We also have stations from international locations, including Germany and the Philippines.

In Tulsa or Rogers County

  • If you are in the local Tulsa market, please check in to the staging net on 145.110 at 0900.
  • Advise Net Control if you are.
    • Operating on emergency power,
    • Have Winlink or NTS message traffic,
    • Are available for additional assignments (meaning you are not a check-in only).  You will be given instructions on what to do next.

Outside of Tulsa or Rogers County

  • You may not be able to reach the 145.110 staging net.
  • If so, you can still participate in the exercise in the following ways;
    • Check-in with the Net Control Operator (NCO) on DMR talk group 3140 (statewide)
    • Check-in with the NCO on Oklahoma Link talk group 314022
    • Send a Winlink message to Jeff Scoville.  Address it to AE5ME in Winlink.  You can send that message via FM on any Winlink gateway near you (145.03 statewide or 145.04 in OKC).
    • Send a Winlink message to Jeff AE5ME via HF.  Frequencies are in the ICS-205.

This is a very ambitious project and would not be possible without the ARES Tulsa Team—many thanks to them.

  • Jeff, AE5ME (Winlink NCO)
  • John, N9JYJ  (Winlink NCO)
  • Ray, K5CFY (Rogers County Operations NCO)
  • Ian, KC9THI (Tulsa County Operations NCO)
  • Russ, KF5UZG (Staging NCO)
  • James, KI5DAZ (Tulsa Emergency Management Agency NCO)
  • Greg, AI5HV (DMR 3140, Okla Link 314022 NCO)